DIgital HDTV. Sound Design by Helga Pogatschar. Loop: 12:10 min. 2021.
VR. Ambisonic sound. Developers: Jared Christopher-Kelley and Max Orozco. Sound Design by Angelika von Chamier. 2021.
Interactive, 360-cinema documentation of the Ice-Time installation. Ambisonic sound. Sound Design by Angelika von Chamier. 23 min. 2019.
Six-channel video installation and 9.1 immersive audio. Sound design by Angelika von Chamier. Loop: 23min. Dimensions variable. 2017.
6290x1080 Digital video for 70-foot widescreen. Stereo Audio. Soundtrack by Angelika von Chamier.  0:15 min. 2017.
6290x1080 Digital video for 70-foot widescreen. Stereo Audio. Soundtrack by Angelika von Chamier.  0:17 min. 2017.
Single channel video installation. Sound design by Angelika von Chamier. 4:55 min.  2017.
Site-specific video installation for the ICC Tower, Hong Kong. Sound design by Angelika von Chamier. 2:17 min. 2016.
VR immersive, 360-cinema. Sound Design Helga Pogatschar. 22 min. 2015.
Concrete poem, video projection on Weather Balloon. Dimensions variable. Silent. 2015.
Interactive video assemblage. With Lauren Fenton. Sound Design Clea T. Waite. 24x17x 38 inches.  2013.
Computer animation for Geo-Cosmos globe. 6m diameter, Silent. 0:22min. 2014.
A stereoscopic, Interactive Cinema-painting / Installation cum Kinect Hack. 2012.
 Composition for soundscapes, video, violin, zither, and accordion. Music composed by Martin Mallaun. 45 min. 2012
SD Video. Color Stereo. 2:55 min. 2011.
Fulldome immersive digital video for planetaria & installation. Sound Design Helga Pogatschar. 22 min. 2010
• Grand Prize, IBM Innovation Prize for Creation in Art and Technology (WiP), 2007

Interactive, multi-channel video installation / sculpture. Digital. 2008 (prototype).
3 Inkjet prints, 200cm x 30cm each. 2006.
Mixed media installation, DVD and projection. Part of The Banyan Project with A. Banze. MiniDV. 2004.
Digital video. Music by The Speedies. 0:40 min. 16:9 DigiBeta. 2003.
Layers of Water
Video projection. Group project with Anna Anders, Alfred Banze, Ana Bilankow, Daniela Butsch, Heiko Daxl, Ingeborg Füllep, Thorsten Nass, Kathrin Nölle, Tanja Ravlic, Thorsten Streichardt. MiniDV. 30 min. 2003.
Video and live musical performance. Music by Markus Muench. 10:30 min. DigiBeta. 2003
Fried Shrimp: Underway in Southeast Asia
with Alfred Banze. Internet Blog. 2000-2001.
Five Channel Video/CG installation: projection on living spiders’ webs and water mist screen.  Music by Helga Pogatschar. DigiBeta. 2000.
Website for The Spider Project. 1998-2000.
Video-sculpture. Salt, paper maché, video projection, and monitor. Two channels video. DigiBeta. 1999.
“4-Dimensional” video installation: four stereoscopic video projections, quadraphonic audio, room installation, digital video. Music by Helga Pogatschar. D1. Video. Loop, 11 min. 1997.
computer animation and digital video. With Egbert Mittelstädt. 0:49 min. D1. 1994.
computer animation and digital video. Music: Carmina Burana by Carl Orff. BetaSP. 6:55 min. 1994.
• Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen touring program  (since 1995) Oberhausen, Germany
• Permanent Collection, University of California, Santa Cruz, California, USA
• Best Video Production, Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen Festival der Jugend, 1995.
• Third Prize, Art Category, Prix Pixel INA 1995.
• 50 Best, Deutscher Videokunstpreis, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany. 1995.
two-channel video installation: computer-generated animation, digital Echo Planar Images (EPI), LCD monitors, objects. BetaSP. 1994.
Experimental dance video. Performed by Lucy Sexton. Music by David Linton and Zeena Parkins. 16mm/ D1. 7:15 min. 1989/1994.
Experimental video, 2 min. BetaSP. 1993.
• Nomad project, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy, 1993.
Multimedia installation: X-ray photographs, magnetic resonance imaging digital images, computer-generated animation, Plexiglas, and objects. BetaSP. 1993.
Lenticular Photographs. B&W, 11x14in. 1992.
Color Photographs. 8x18in. 1988.
Experimental video.  Music by Mario-Erik Paoli. Super-8 / 1“. 11 min. 1988.
• Permanent Collection, Ulli Rimcas - Max Fish Bar and Gallery, New York City
• Prix Insolite, Grand Format, Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous-Marine, 1993.
• Best of New Short Works, Mill Valley Film Festival, 1989.
• 1st prize, Experimental Category, 9th Annual Video Arts Festiva, 1988.

Experimental video. Super-8 / U-Matic.. 8 min. 1987.
Multimedia installation. computer punch tape and HeNe laser. 1987
Experimental video music. Music by The Ordinaires. 4 min. Super-8 / U-Matic. 1986.
• 1st prize, Music Video Category, 9th Annual Video Arts Festival, Amherst, MA, USA, 1988.
Video sculpture/installation and poem, U-Matic. 1986.
Experimental video, 2 min. U-Matic. 1985.
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