Ice-Time [2017]
Immersive, 6-channel video, 9.1 channel audio installation.
 Climate change is a defining issue of our time. Ice-Time is an immersive, multi‑projection video and 3D sound installation that combines art, science, and technology. The artwork is a creative response to the accelerating changes we are observing in Earth's ecosystem that examines polar ice as the most visible yet inaccessible indicator of climate change.
The artwork centers on an expedition to Greenland, the location of Jakobshavn Isbræ, the fastest-moving glacier on Earth. The stark iconography of polar ice used in Ice-Time serves as a distinct access point into the overwhelming complexity of climate change. Working directly with polar scientists, Ice-Time engages current climate research and its broader ramifications. The immersive film establishes a somatic interaction of form and content through the vivid, material presence of image, sound, data, and time. Combining video recorded in Greenland and Antarctica with our collaborators’ data creates a poetic-scientific study of ice. The accelerating glacial time portrayed imbues the spectator with an embodied awareness of the essential role played by polar ice in anthropogenic climate change. 

Ice-Time (2017)

Iceberg Cycle / Ice-Time 360° [2017/2019]
Single-channel video projection / Interactive 360°-cinema on VR Headset
Ice Mountain Motion Meditation (Ice-Time) [2017]
Designed for a 70 ft. long screen.
0.9167 Gigaton / Km3 (Ice-Time) [2017]
Designed for a 70 ft. long screen.
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