Modern, cold, invasive... none-the-less, state-of-the-art electronic medical technologies; EPI scans with huge electromagnets, computers, film, and video, have allowed me to create very literal invocations of metaphors that have existed since the age of the Troubadours.
Nothing Broke but the Heart compulsively, hypnotically runs through distorted icons of "love", heart always "center screen". A chaos of color and light, individual frames flash like memories. These hearts - hearts of stone, burning hearts, wooden hearts, "mutated" hearts, hearts that are only words - are punctuated throughout the video by medical images of my body's real heart - breathing, pumping, catching in its rhythm.

Nothing Broke but the Heart  (installation version)  [1993]

Nothing Broke but the Heart (video version) [1994]

Talsiman (nothing broke but the heart) [1994]

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