Excerpted from the large-scale, immersive cinema experience, Moonwalk Variation V is an experimental film about humanity’s relationship with the Moon and the repercussions of this relationship on the Cold War.

A work about the Moon is a work about human thought, spirituality, and achievement. Its stories take us across history and manifold cultures, introducing great literature, science, poetry, and music. There are as many extraordinary images of fantasy and of a beautifully stark reality as there are craters on its surface. This Moon emerges from the raw material of countless photos which comprise lunar atlases, shattering into pieces, and then rebuilding itself – evolving from its familiar pregnant blackness to a lambent, jittering hive of voices and sounds. We are reminded of the Moon’s ubiquity, compelling us to reconstruct our own personal history of the Moon, conjuring, as if for the first time, the power, presence, and emotional gravity the Moon commands.

Moonwalk Variation V. Clea T. Waite, ©2021.

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