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The Water Book (An Encyclopedia of Water)
interactive, multi-channel video installation / sculpture.  Digital.
Prototype 2008



The Water Book is an interactive film-installation in which water is the subject, the substance, and the interface of the work. The piece advocates "water literacy", examining this tacit player's role in issues of environment, health, distribution of wealth, and political power, as well as science, spirituality, culture, and beauty.

Touching words on the water's surface, the visitor's contact creates a moving poem, layering sounds, films, texts, and data suggested by their selections. A dynamically generated film is created. For this work I created a machine vision system to realize the first water touch-pad. The intuitiveness, the sensuality, the beauty, and the directness of the interface's metaphor are of central importanceto the work. The work is also conceived to allow a continuing expansion of the database of films, texts,and data as more material is gathered. The Water Book is a prime example of the concepts of Metaphor Concrète and the seamless fusion of science and art.


Premiered at ISEA 2008 in Singapore

National Museum of Singapore
July 25 - August 3, 2008

5th Marler Video Installation Prize, 2008
Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl Germany


Honorable Mention
5th Marler Video Installation Prize, 2008
Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl
Marl Germany


This project was supported by
ISEA-2008 and the Singapore-Delft Water Alliance.

© Clea T. Waite 2008