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Talisman (Nothing Broke but the Heart)
Two channel video installation: computer generated animation, digital Echo Planar Images (EPI), LCD monitors, objects. BetaSP. © 1994



The Talisman installation is a silent, two-channel video installation with six small LCD monitors on legs, cables, broken glass, charms, and feathers, together in a glass case. It is a kind of a terrarium of electronic familiars; a nest of curious, electronic birds - small creatures in a chaos of hearts, cables, and glass.

Talisman is a "love spell" for a broken heart. Fragments of charms, spells, and mementos appear around tiny video hearts: a silent, ceaseless incantation of the metaphors of love. The spirit-video compulsively runs through distorted icons of "love", heart always "center screen". Individual frames flash like memories. These hearts - hearts of stone, burning hearts, wooden hearts, "mutated" hearts, hearts that are only words - are punctuated throughout the video by medical images of the body's real heart - breathing, pumping, catching in its rhythm. This video uses the hardness, the rationality of electronic technology and its processes - the antithesis of emotion - as the language with which to express emotion. The second video channel intercuts real, digital, and digitally processed smashing glass hearts with the EPI scans of the real heart - a continuous onslaught. Both video loops use medical images of the physical inner-body as a psychic window inward to the soul; a modern vocabulary for poetry, magic... spells.

© Clea T. Waite 1994


AVE Festival
Arnhem, The Netherlands

Day & Night
Handwerkskammer Köln, Germany

This work was created during a fellowship at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne 

© Clea T. Waite 1994