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Red in Venice
with Loretta Waite
music "Let Me Take Your Photo" by the Speedies, © Speedy Delivery Music 1979,
format: PAL DigiBeta, running time: 40 sec
© 2003




"Red in Venice" explores collaboration with an aging parent; perception, observation, voyeurism, intrusion, and the borders between public and private spheres. My mother and I went to Venice to celebrate her 70th birthday. "Red in Venice" consists of photographs of tourists taken together with her there in Piazza San Marco, one of the most beloved snapshot motifs in the world. The photos are the results of a game, a kind of a guerilla action I played with my mother in the square in which we "took" the snapshots of strangers like pickpockets in the crowd, she moving into the frame as they posed for others. The subjects are all strangers to me. I was not the photographer for whom their poses were intended.

© Clea T. Waite 2003


Directors Lounge 2009
Scala, Berlin, Germany

Strictly Berlin
Galerie der Künste
Berlin Germany

New Media Art Festival
Bangkok, Thailand

MAD´03 Contemporary Art Festival Associated Visual Artists of Madrid
Subway systems of Madrid & Barcelona, Spain (commissioned)

© Clea T. Waite 2003