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Texts by Clea T. Waite

"Somatic Montage for Immersive Cinema", Reflections of early Russian systemic thinking on film arts and culture: Bogdanov, Eisenstein, and the Proletkult. Editors: Pia Tikka, Maya Soboleva, Giulia Rispoli, and Vesa Oitiinen, Aalto University Tangential Points Publication Series. pending

"A Selenological History of Lunar Poetics", INSAP VIII Proceedings, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, San Francisco, USA. pending

„Cine-Installation“. MetaBook.1: The Book of Luna“, ISEA 2013 International Symposium on Electronic Arts Proceedings, 2013.

„Expanded Cinema as ‚Universe in a Box‘, The Book of Luna and the Neo-Baroque Poetics of Space“, Re-New 2013.

„The Cine-poetics of Fulldome Cinema“, Animation Practice, Production, and Process. Intellect Journals.

"Moonwalk", INSAP V Proceedings, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2013.

“Line”, Objects of Knowledge, of Art and of Friendship: A Small Technical Encyclopedia, For Siegfried Zielinski. Edited by David Link and Nils Röller. 2011.

”Language, Image, Music, Space, and Time” Projector Film Literature. Issue 1, 2009.

"Untitled (poem written for the Moon's surface)", Wish Upon the Moon, SELENE Lunar Mission. The Planetary Society, Planetary Society of Japan, and JAXA. Published on the SELENE probe, the Moon. 2007.

"The Artists in Labs Experiment", Artistsinlabs: Processes of Inquiry, edited by Jill Scott, Springer Press, Vienna, 2006.

”Post-Linear Digital Video: Editing, Transcoding, and Content Distribution”, SIGGRAPH 2003 Course Notes. Association of Computing Machinery, 2003.

”Language, Image, Music, Space, and Time” Chiangmai First New Media Art Festival, Cataloge. Chiang Mai University, Thailand, 2003.

”Process Research: The Spider Project”, Lab: Jahrbuch 2000 für Künste und Apparate, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Koln, 2000.

”Time on Space: Kur, a Four-Dimensional Film“, Bild-Medium-Kunst, edited by Yvonne Spielmann & Gundolf Winter, Wilhelm Fink Verlag, Munich, 1999, pg. 235-250.

"Visualizing Time on Space: from Sumer to Quantum Physics", Consciousness Reframed Proceedings, (Newport: Center for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts, University of Wales College) July, 1997.

"Of Interiority and Exteriority, Subject and Object", Germany in a growing Europe: Reflections by the fourth group of Bundeskanzler Scholars 1993/1994 (Bonn: Alexander Von Humboldt Stiftung, 1995), pg. 85-87.

The Facial Action Control Editor, f.a.c.e. : a parametric facial expression editor for computer generated animation. Master's Thesis, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, Media Laboratory, Dept. of Architecture. 1989

Texts about Clea T. Waite

International Herlad Tribune


NMC Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus

Harvard University Gazette

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Various Press on The Spider Project, Köln/Bonn 2000.

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