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who knows if the moon’s a balloon?
Concrete poem. HD video projection onto 4m weather balloon.



who know’s if the moon’s a balloon? is part of an ongoing series of works revolving around the Moon by Clea T. Waite: Moonwalk (2010), Moonphases (2012), The Book of Luna (2014), and Pericynthion (2014).

who knows if the moon’s a balloon? is a concrete poem about the Moon's place in the historical imagination, unfolding as the tangible presence of a huge and luminous lunar sphere. The nature of love, madness, the unknown, and our capacity for the sublime are amongst the intellecual passions that have crystalized around our only satellite. This piece combines form and content in a simple juxtaposition by illunimating a giant balloon with the changing phases of the Moon. No sound or text are necessary.

The moving phases of the Moon in this work are created from actual photos of the Moon at different phases, animated together into a continous cycle. The photos are courtesy of the Harvard Observatory, NASA, and the Russian Space program. To completely iluminate the Geo-Cosmos globe in all three dimensions, the photos from the different sides will have to be composited together around the sphere and illuminated digitally to make the phases continuous around the sphere.

© Clea T. Waite 2014