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under the moon ii: lunacy
Experimental / Dance Video.
D1 PAL. running time: 7:15
© 1989/1994




Moon / woman / dark side / light side; lunacy is the effect of the moon. In under the moon ii: lunacy, Sexton's dance - at once aggressive and introverted, mocking and nonchalant, fragile and powerful, expresses a dialectic, core and surface, of women. The dance in the piece vies for space-time with the telling of an ancient Celtic myth. The Green Man runs. The Hero is initiated. The Hero looks a little like an American cowboy - or perhaps an Indian. Androgyny is a theme. Is it a story of the Green Man or an alchemical process? Does the dancer dance apart from the story or is she causing its events? Significant number series, Fibonacci spirals, are used to calculate the alteration of motion through space and time.


Performers: Lucy Sexton, David Gessell, Sebastian Jochum, Mario Paoli.

Choreography: Lucy Sexton.

Music: David Linton & Zeena Parkins.

Cinematography: Benjamin Rubin, Clea T. Waite, Mario-Erik Paoli, Alan Lasky.

Lighting: Alan Lasky.

Editing: Clea T. Waite.

Digital Effects (Harry): Clea T. Waite.


Videonale 7
Bonn, Germany

video art magazine production
FAB, Berlin, Germany

2. Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg, Germany

Freiburger Video Forum
Freiburg, Germany

© Clea T. Waite 1994

This work was funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, New England Regional Fellowship for Film & Video and the MIT Coucil for the Arts, with additional support from Avid Technology and the Academy of Media Arts Cologne