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For Video, String Quartet, & Digital Audio.
Video and live musical performance. DigiBeta.
Excerpt duration: 0:43 min.
Film duration: 10:30 min.
© 2003

Cranberry Sauce live at A'Devantegarde, Munich 2003. photo © M. Muench



"I told you about the walrus and me.
You know that we're as close as can be...
Well, here's another clue for you all..
The walrus was Paul." (John Lennon)

The Story:
In the mid-60's, Beatle's fans started a rumor that Paul McCartney died in an auto accident. To cover-up Paul's death, the record company held a "Paul-McCartney-Look-Alike" contest. The winner, a certain William Campbell, is supposed to have taken over Paul's role in the media from this time on. A true "Paul-is-Dead" mania broke out. Fans and DJ's started to search for hidden clues. Records were played backwards, album covers were searched for detailed clues, and the song lyrics took on new meaning.

The Performance:
In Cranberry Sauce, both music and image work with strongly manipulated sound and image samples from the Beatles period. Ranging from the "Abbey Road" album cover photo to John Lennon's supposed text "I buried Paul" in the song "Strawberry Fields", a multitude of clues and proofs were found in image and music. Cranberry Sauce is originally conceived as a live performance piece. The string quartet acts as a bridge between the digital audio and the video projection. The strings develop further the electronic, sampled audio sounds, imitates them and expands them. Cranberry Sauce captures the psychedelic aura of this theme and brings it to life once more in a new language of image, sound, and live actions.

"A triptych image for the three remaining Beatles - but the image is always Paul.
Or is it William Campbell mirrored there?"


Concept and Music by
Markus Muench.

Video by
Clea T. Waite,
with Vincent Assmann, Daniela Kinateder, and Ludowika Mann

Dirk Schreier as William Camp(t)el


Director's Lounge 2009
Scala, Berlin Germany

Digital-Analog Festival München Kunstarkaden, Munich, Germany

Festival for New Music
Munich, Germany (commissioned)

Eurovideo Unicaja, Malaga, Spain

Festival Tous Courts
Festival international de Cinéma
d‘ Aix-en-Provence, France

© Clea T. Waite 2003