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Video-sculpture. Salt, paper maché, video projection, and monitor.
Two channels video. DigiBeta. © 1999




A Pillar of Salt A pillar of salt gives the slightest hint of a female form; a veiled woman crystallized. She appears not in the black robes of burqua, silent shadow of a hidden human - rather, she is the pure white of the angels that rescued her... and doomed her. She is white and shining like a desert moon.

A spirit seems to move within the pillar, forever looking back, again and again. She is a fallen angel, the Good Wife who chose her own will at last. She is the purity of her virgin daughters, the nurturing mother, the desiccated crone. She is a Medusa, frozen by her reflection, the faces of the women she left behind. The real Medusa was no monster. She was a fighting queen.

What was Lot's Wife's Name? is an installation which sets the calcified myth, a pillar of salt with video projection, in dialectic standoff with an advocate of righteous violence, a preacher of the airwaves, a disembodied monitor. Both story and teller are illuminated objects, animated by light. Both are steadfast characters, maintaining their positions, repeating and repeating.


Lot's Wife: Yvette Torell.

Angel: Nicola Ferrier.

Grateful acknowledgments to Celia Gilbert, DngerVideo, and Susanne Themlitz for their inspiration and assistance.


Weiss an Weiss
Weiss Kunstbewegung Gallery Berlin, Germany

Gewalt-Tabu - keine Gewalt gegen Frauen und Mädchen
Salzstadel Regensburg, Germany

Remap - Alfred Banze, Matthias Neuenhofer, Gabi Seifert, Clea T. Waite
"Hans im Glück" Exhibition Kunstwerke, Cologne, Germany

© Clea T. Waite 1999