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The Spine

Landscape musings from 35,000 ft.
Flying across country these last four years, I have come to view the continent below me as a sort of animal. The Rockies are its prominent spine.

Waite_Spine1 copy

Looking northwards along the mountain range from the air, I feel as if I can see the curvature of the Earth’s globe. I am acutely aware that there is a planet beneath me.

Waite_Spine2 copy

The winding rivers and striated hills of the American West present clear evidence of the glaciers that once progressed over these lands, grinding and dragging the ground beneath their tons of ice as they retreated to fashion the sinuous forms that remain. While flying I feel like a space traveler, in orbit over our world, able to look backwards and forwards through time owing to these formations.

Waite_Spine3 copy

The manifest desert remains where a glacial a tesseract has receded.

Waite_Spine4 copy